Suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial applications, the HI-MACS® will seduce you by the scope of its utility. Its exceptional translucence, its different textures and many colors, its resistance to stains and its hygienic characteristics make it the ideal material with which to equip the working surface in the kitchen, toilets, bathroom, hospitals, laboratories, hotels and restaurants.

Seamless - Effortless fabrication and seamless installation

Resistant - HI-MACS® is engineered to meet the demands of a multitude of commercial and residential applications

- HI-MACS® is a non-toxic material and has no surface acting agents even over prolonged exposure

- HI-MACS® maintains consistency throughout the thickness of the material. Inconspicuous seams ensure that even complex installation appear as a solid whole

Easy to Fabricate
- HI-MACS® can be fabricated with standard joinery machines and tools, enabling complex layouts to be fabricated with ease

- Preheating turns HI-MACS® into a material can be bent into vertically any shape and cooled without any loss of performance

- Wide range of color and pattern choice

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