Wonderful if good design is based on an environmentally-friendly material.

HI-MACS® provides countless possibilities for individual designs, very precisely aligned to your client’s needs and the demands of the project. This results not only in brilliant results but, again and again, in solutions in harmony with the environment.

HI-MACS® is an all-round environmentally-friendly material, starting with its resource-conserving composition, manufacture and energy balance to its virtually “waste-free“fabrication and disposal:


1. The product

The environmentally-friendly properties of HI-MACS® are supported by internationally recognized certificates: without exception all HI-MACS® products are manufactured to comply with the ISO 9001 quality process for systems and processes and conform to the environmental standards laid down in ISO 14001.

Composition: Aluminium hydroxide is produced as a by-product in the production of aluminium. 
Manufacture: Produced with an outstanding energy balance. The plants in Cheongju and Atlanta also meet all environmental requirements.
Fabrication: The material can practically be fabricated without off-cuts.
Disposal: The material can be disposed of with household waste and can be burnt without creating toxic smoke.


2. The transport

The material is transported from the USA to Europe exclusively by ship. Within Europe, HI-MACS® observes the Euro-5 standards for reduced particulate emissions. The partner-network of LG Hausys Europe is selected thoroughly: the transport partner for Europe guarantees recycling of waste water, uses solar energy in the warehouse and trucks that run on gas. Therefore the LG Hausys partner was awarded with the Green Truck Award 2013.


3. Inspection 

LG Hausys regularly audits and publicizes its performance of environmental policy.
To receive the latest environmental report, please contact us.


4. Commitment

LG Hausys have signed a voluntary agreement for energy saving with the Korean government and promoted energy saving activities. 

Also, LG Hausys established a Greenhouse Gas & Energy Management System (GEMS) and performs on a regular basis analysis for energy consumption and cost. Since 2008, LG Hausys reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 15’000 tons per year by using pollution-free fuels.

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