Use and Care

Solid Surface at its best: With the right care HI-MACS® will still look astonishingly new after years.

If you have searched long and hard for a superior quality, durable and tough material, we would like to congratulate you on choosing HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone™. The material is hard-wearing, extremely repellent to stains and is therefore very easy to look after. We would like to provide you with a few simple tips and hints on caring for your product so that you can enjoy its exceptional quality for many years to come.

General day-to-day stains


HI-MACS® is a completely homogenous material. As it does not have any pores, you can simply and easily clean it with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild detergent.
You can also use a domestic scouring agent on all matte finishes. It is also useful to wipe your surface occasionally with a scouring agent or wet sponge to retain the even finish of your product.


Tougher stains


Tougher stains, caused by food coloring, tea or fruit juice can easily be removed using a bleaching agent (do not leave in contact with the work surface for more than five minutes). Clean the surface with a domestic all-purpose cleaner and rinse with clean water. You can also use a scouring agent on matte finishes. Nail varnish can easily be removed with nail varnish remover (acetone-free) or a scouring agent.

Acidic cleaning agents


A number of cleaning agents contain acids, such as methyl chloride or acetone. Avoid using these on a HI-MACS® surface. Should one of these products accidentally come into contact with the material, as a precautionary measure, rinse the surface with soapy water to prevent any discoloring taking place.

Hot objects


Hot saucepans or pots straight out of the oven or from the hob should not be laid directly on the HI-MACS® surface. Place a mat or board underneath to prevent any damage to your product. If you pour boiling liquids into HI-MACS® sinks or basins, you should also pour in cold water at the same time.


Burn marks


Small burn marks or marks caused by nicotine can simply be removed using a scouring agent or an abrasive sponge. Should this give the high-gloss finish a matte appearance, rubbing the surface with a scouring pad will quickly return it to its high-gloss state.




Sharp objects


HI-MACS® copes effortlessly with the wear and tear of everyday life, however pointed or sharp-edged objects can leave cuts or scratches on the HI-MACS® surface. You can repair smaller cuts and scratches without too much trouble but we recommend the services of a professional for especially deep cuts.


Cleaning process 
cleaning agent
cleaning agent
Scouring pad
marker pen (black)

marker pen (black

Colored pen (red)
Cooling oil









10% Iodine tincture

Cigarette burns

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